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Episode 8: No Shock? No Rock!

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On today’s show, it’s time to spotlight possibly my favorite musical genre, SHOCK ROCK! These are the bands that basically have to eat a lot of crap from the critics in order to entertain the real fans of music, THE PEOPLE! These are the bands that least make you wonder where all the ticket and merchandise money goes (hint: most of it is on stage) Keep tuned in all week for this ongoing celebration of Halloween and don’t forget, NO COSTUME? NO CANDY!!!

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Episode 8

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Once you have listened to the episode, feel free to email and tell me who your favorite shock rockers are. Perhaps I missed somebody you may think I may not be aware of. As always, I would love to know what your favorite or least favorite songs were from each episode. In addition you can request a theme for a future episode or just send good ol’ hate mail.

Current Listening: All Halloween related material!

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