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Episodes 16-18: Gil-Logan’s Island [Bang Your Head] (Part 2)

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Part 2 of the epic metal show on Rock Strikes Ten with Logan of Birth School Metal Death.

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Part 2

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Episodes 16-18: Gil-Logan’s Island [Bang Your Head] (Part 1)

New Episodes

The long awaited heavy metal focus episode. Just like the genre itself, we do it big here and to an excessive and decadent degree because I am joined by one of my best friends of all time, Logan. What started out as a regular episode ended up being a 3 hour plus roundtable and oh yeah we still manage to play ten songs, NO MORE!……NO LESS! I know that a section of you that listen are not big heavy metal fans but this show IS for you. Obviously if you are a fan, you should enjoy this episode immensely but this is what I like to call the handshake into heavy metal (hornshake?) and this is what I believe to be the Top 10 icons of heavy metal. Myself and Logan talk in length about what these bands mean to heavy metal and to us as people. Logan even manages to brings in a few alternate selections for those of you that are looking to take some of the more extreme next steps. I hope you enjoy this episode at even a fraction of how much I enjoyed making this one. Let me know what you think about me doing this show with the occasional special guest if you have an opinion. Afterwards, use the link directly below this and tell Logan whether or not you want him to do a ‘Birth, School, Metal, Death’ show for all of you on a regular basis. *Updated* Ok, so I get this email and site comment from friend and listener Steven (thanks Steven!) that he can’t hear the songs on Episode 16. Naturally, this concerned me so I immediately checked the podcast posting in my library and lo and behold NO SONGS! After panic mode set in I decided to just go back and retrieve the whole show, break it up into 2 parts and repost it as such. So there you go, because the technical gods just weren’t metal enough to handle a 3 hour and 20 minute show, and because I have to keep each file consistent in naming them alright blah blah blah long story long. Just enjoy the shows and know that I am not trying to pad my number of episodes, this is just the only way I could do it. Thanks for understanding and for listening and know that I appreciate you all. ENJOY THE SHOWS!

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Part 1

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Once you have listened to the episode, feel free to email and tell me what your favorite heavy metal songs or bands are and whether they were on this episode or not. Perhaps I missed a song (or band) you may think I may not be aware of. As always, I would love to know what your favorite or least favorite songs were from each episode. In addition you can request a theme for a future episode or just send good ol’ hate mail.

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