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Hello and welcome to the official website of the Rock Strikes Ten show!  The site is still under construction but it will soon be a one-stop interactive site for the show which I hope becomes a daily part of your web activity so bookmark now!  Alright so what I can tell you so far is that the first show should be up around a week or so.  We (being myself and Chris) still need to create the feed and send it along to iTunes.  Once that is done it will be full on promoting time and most importantly music to be enjoyed by all that listen.

What is the show?  It’s always ten songs. no more. no less

The first episode is already recorded and it focuses on great debut albums.  It was very difficult for me to nail down my top 10 favorite debut albums ever so I chose a different route.  I decided to pick my favorite Tracks 1 through 10 as the songs represented.  For example, if I thought my favorite ‘Track 2′ from a debut album was “All I’ve Got To Do” by the Beatles then that will be the 2nd song I play on the show.  Got it?

Future show themes

Episode 2: The 2nd album was better aka Sophomore Success

Episode 3: Power Trios

Episode 4: Rock & Roll Pioneers (tentative)

So if you have a suggestion for a Rock Strikes Ten list you want to hear then send one to me at  Get in on the ground and be a friend.

That’s all I got for now so keep checking back regularly!

I’m off to make the Facebook Page, Twitter and all of that Jazz.

’til then…..

“If You Start Me Up I’ll Never Stop”

Extra, Super, “Without You, I’m Nothing” Thanks to my best friend and broadcast partner Chris for making this site possible and allowing me to live my dream.

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