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Episode 113: Timebomb Strikes Ten

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Ten songs with the word Timebomb in them. Thanks to longtime show friend Adam for the inspiration. Listen Like Subscribe and SHARE!!!!

Go type in all of these artists on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora,, etc. and see what fun you get into. Buy your music because it will be appreciated more on both ends, trust me!

Listen Here

Episode 113

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Episode 1: Debut Albums


Well it is FINALLY here!

All of my life I have wanted my very own music radio show and now it is a reality.  So the episode is done, the feed is up and iTunes has given me the green light as well.  Since I am counting on giving you a great first impression, I am going to share with you bands that made just that with their first records.  I found that nailing down my all-time Top 10 debut albums was rather difficult so instead I made a personal definitive list of my favorite tracks 1 through 10 from debut albums ever.  I guess I was trying to create my perfect debut album if you will.  I had a lot of fun doing it so I hope you have fun listening to it.  The only thing left is for you (that’s right, YOU!) to do a few things in order to come along this journey with me.  Follow these links below to get started on the first episode.

Listen Here

Episode 1

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Once you have listened to the episode, feel free to email and tell me what your favorite debut albums or favorite songs from debut albums are.  In addition you can request a theme for a future episode or just send good ol’ hate mail.

One last thing, the website is still under construction but it is about to look AMAZING, I’m talking make it your home page ‘Amazing’.

“Alright enough of my yakkin’ LET’S BOOGIE!”

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